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SUWAZAKA Patent and Trademark Office is a Tokyo-based IP law firm, specialized in patent, trademarks and cross-border patent enforcement. Since its inception, our firm has been actively engaged in representing many foreign and domestic clients before the Japan Patent Office. We have prepared and prosecuted many hundreds of patent applications in diverse range of technologies, including (but not limited to) mechanical engineering, crystallography, medical device, scientific instrumentation, Internet technology, light optics and electronics. For Office Actions issued from Japan Patent Office (JPO), we provide comprehensive analysis and prepare the Reply directed to obtaining the rights. We also have experiences in dealing with patent applications in the United States, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea and WIPO (PCT applications). We also provide advice concering the intellectual property aspect of corporate acquisitions or other transactions. SUWAZAKA is also prepared to assist in trial against JPO, such as Trial against examiner's decision of refusal or Invalidation trial.


Upon client's request, we evaluate claims that might be asserted aginst others in detail and render advice. We have drafted numerous legal opinions and assisted in reaching early settlements.


Our attorney, Mr. Nobukazu Ito is a member of the Intellectual Property Right Border Enforcement committee since 2006. He has provided legal advices to Japan Customs, and protected in importing suspected goods infringing the Intellectual Property Right. We offer legal support in importing suspicious goods to Japanese border.

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